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Name:jerome nicdao
Time:06/17/2008 at 3:43am (UTC)
Message:nice to see that there is a gnc alumni website!!
if there is anyone who has any contact or know of any batch 86 graduates, please get them to contact me on
thanks for the help.

jerome nicdao

Name:Eduardo Sevilla
Time:06/09/2008 at 6:39am (UTC)
Message:thanks Gnc for giving us proper education.hope to see my classmates tru this hoping to see my classmates...AB 89-90...

Name:Eduardo Sevilla
Time:06/09/2008 at 6:34am (UTC)
Message:im glad to hear that you guys had homecoming last feb.congratulations to all of you guys...and to all my classmates please keep in touch with all batchmates whos not in the me..hope next time we can come thanks and more power....congratulations again...

Name:Former GNC Varsity Team
Time:03/27/2008 at 1:49pm (UTC)
Message:Just wondering if this webpage is really manage by GNC alumni affairs.

Please gandahan naman po.. ang panget eh!
Comment:Actually this website is FREE. There's no budget alloted to it, even though mam Malazarte knows it (who is the current Alumni Relations Officer). I hope all alumni would note this. It was created for the 90th foundation so we could communicate with our alumni abroad, not for anything else. In creating a website like this there are many things that needs to be address. This is not just an ordinary website it is dynamic. Thanks for your comment, we really appreciate it. Yes we will make it presentable, but not now. You will see improvements gradually . But if you want to help for its improvement, just email us. And it may start something that would make us all proud. Since Filipinos are known for their Bayanihan traits.

Name:Lota Ovejas Tupe(former Mrs. Lota Paulino)
Time:03/15/2008 at 5:26pm (UTC)
Message:like to know how one can get in ..but do love the GNC flying colors of so many in the dollar currency salary..di they donate a prtion of it to pay the theories of learning tha they use to accumulate dollars for the good of the school...fair or not fair it did happen that we got some knowledge as an open door to the world..especially in America..the half cast we have to say thank you to is Jack Eagle..Bacolr district..UNITED STATES where are the others in the category of the UNITED STATES NAVY..from the year of ..EUSOOF...Dimson....etc...please buy BF Homes/Better Living..for the city life address...all good looking guys who ignore one like me...Jay..there is one in Quezon city...another image building place for the classy and do invite the officers of the navy..ask Bernam..and the name is different in the too good to resist if..Songco...Salazar..etc...GNC in here is for GENERAL NUTRITION CENTRE...a store that sells nutritional fiberous tablets...mineral content tablets....say it with glee...GNC...hope you can invite me the next reunion did I miss the 90the foundation , is too late for me , I only saw it today..March 15,2008 while browsing the internet anf getting in Makati Canada with love...Lota from sta Filomena district....1:25pm...

Time:03/11/2008 at 9:40am (UTC)

Name:Thomas E. Carolino
Time:03/06/2008 at 10:36am (UTC)
Message:i love my school GNC..

About Cisco ive learned so many things in studying cisco,, to sir mike our professor in cisco salamat poh..
And i would like to say thanks to all my teacher, my classmate, thanks for everything...i wont forget you...esp to sir, calma, sir canlas, sir paul, sir mike, and to my classmate janelle, joy, reden, karl, winhert,lee, lionel, jheng, aldrin, bambi,mhoriel, kc, emmanuel,james.. salamat.. will mizz u.. alang mangalingwan neh!! keep in touch..

Name:Kristina Corazon G. Manalansan
Time:03/06/2008 at 10:34am (UTC)
Message:GNC GOD bless...
more power..
CISCO is the to have a good opportunities in ur career..
good to all

Name:Joy B. Dalay
Time:03/06/2008 at 10:29am (UTC)
Message:As a student of guagua national colleges,im proud of my self because i finish all the requirements especially in cisco sem3.I have a lot of experienced after four years i studied in gnc,and now the time has come i will graduate as a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE this year 2007-2008. And as of now i take the cisco discovery sem1, i hope i finish this module with a passing grade,because of cisco i have a learned a lot especially in configuring a router and troubleshooting.

Name:Lee Patrick M. David
Time:03/06/2008 at 10:29am (UTC)
Message:Being a part and a family of Guagua National Colleges alumni they been a great a part of my everyday life.. gnc change me to a educated person.. and also those teacher who help me to graduate.. they been a great thing that came to my life.. thanks for them.. and i will mis staying at gnc....and also as a Computer Science Student and a part of the CISCO community in this local i think they the gnc should provide the things that can help the student properly understand the cisco technology... because theory and reading are not enough to be able to understand the study itself... but they should need the gadget to use.. because as a student of the cisco class ive experience not to understand how thus it realy work.. but ive finished the 3 semester with the help of my professor.. Sir Mike.. im am very proud of him and i do like how he teach us.. coz he realy know what it his teaching.. i hope ill be somebody like him... GNC and CISCO a big deal to me... keep in touch.. thanks guyz...

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